Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Keep it simple - my favourite things.

I like simple things. I don't like clutter. And less is definitely more.

So here are a few random simple things that I enjoy:

Wing Chun - of all the martial arts it has the shortest syllabus and smallest range of techniques. What it does have is simple and direct. But it will take a lifetime of study to really understand it - there is more than enough to both fascinate and infuriate.

Harley Davidsons - primitive, big clunky engineering. I don't do the chrome and tassles thing. Bikes should be raw and stripped down - if it doesn't help you stop or go, then get rid of it.

• BB King - classic blues with maybe four bar structure, three cords and lead breaks with a standard blues scale. He says he doesn't play guitar and sing at the same time because he gets confused.

• Steve Earle - country music at its best, nothing that can't be played with one accoustic guitar, but has the ability to get the hairs at the back of your neck going. Check out 'Goodbye' if you don't believe me.

Ernest Hemingway - not a word wasted. No lengthy descriptions of scene or character, narrative and dialogue do it all. And if you haven't lived it, don't write it.

Kleftiko - Greek roasted lamb in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, serve with Greek salad and roasted potatoes.

Hawksmoor Churches - clean and neo-classic lines that are my favourite London architecture. You can keep all that gothic and baroque stuff.

• My CWC watch - as issued to the British Army. Simple black face. Swiss made. Who wants a computer on their wrist ?

• Our 18th Century corner cabinet - one of the few antiques we own. Very plain wall cabinet with a curved face to the door. None of that fancy engraving or marquetry.

P47 Thunderbolt - I'm no plane spotter but this is as close as you can get to a Harley that flies.

• Celtic La Tene Art - simple swirls and spiral shapes that lend themselves to complex and endless designs. The same goes for early early Islamic Art too.

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