Friday, 5 January 2007

(Dis)honours System

One of the most unique and talented British boxers for generations, 'Prince' Naseem Hamid has had his MBE taken away. Looks like the same arrogance that made his boxing style so distinctive has also led him to believe, like so many obnoxious celebrities, that he is above the law.

He's certainly not a likable character - after seriously injuring some people in a car crash caused by his dangerous driving, he fled the science and has since shown no remorse , despite some time in prison.

Meanwhile, the honours system seems bankrupt and I can't really see why anyone wants to be associated with the British Empire.

So does any of this really matter ?

Well, let's have a quick look at some other disgraced public figures who have kept their honours:

Lord Archer - corrupt politician and pathological liar

Dame Shirley Porter - corrupt politician who rigged voting in Westminster Council

Sir Mark Thatcher - corrupt businessman who also helped stage a coup in Equatorial Guinea

Anyone see a pattern here ?

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