Monday, 11 June 2007

The CofE and shoot 'em ups.

Sony are getting some flak for including Manchester Cathedral as one of the back drops for the new PS3 game "Resistance'.

Apparently there are general objections to portraying a distorted view of reality, characters having unrealistic powers, promoting violence and encouraging people not to take responsibility for their actions. But that's enough about Christianity.(Sorry that was just too easy).

There are also specific objections that permission wasn't sought. But I don't suppose TS Elliot asked the archbishop for permission before writing "Murder In The Cathedral' either.

It's also raised that the setting of the game is insensitive because Manchester is a centre for gun crime. The game is about resistance to an alien invasion for fuck's sake! You could more credibly argue that this is insensitive to aliens, who if they do exist, (and the evidence is no worse than that for God) are always stereotyped as violent aggressors.

It all looks too familiar to me - yet another religious organisation bleating for some sort of special treatment again.

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