Thursday, 4 October 2007

Listen to this ...

Today, I am mostly listening to Steve Earle's latest album.

I've raved here before about my favourite REDneck, so I won't labour the point again.

The new album is not up to 2002's Jerusalem - and doubtless won't cause so much of a stir as that did; getting him banned from US radio station because of the anti-war John Walker's Blues.

This time around he's ranting less and it's more about him trying to stay sane in an increasing fucked up world. This mirrors his move to New York after many years of living at the heart of country in Nashville. I love his explanation of the move:

"If you feel like you don't know what America is all about right now, and you want to reorient yourself to what America should be about, it's a really good time to come to New York City. I needed really badly at this point in my life to see a mixed-race, same-sex couple holding hands in my own neighborhood. It makes me feel safer."

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