Monday, 7 July 2008

Waste not - err want not.

Every child who has ever been told to finish the food on their plate and think of the starving children in Africa knows that the reasoning behind that argument is essentially bollocks.

Gordon Brown’s response at the G8 to the food crisis that faces much of the developing world is pretty much on the same level: We in the UK should stop wasting food at home - we’ll save the planet, and apparently save £400 a year at home as well.

Odd that the supposed former chancellor and supposed economic genius has adopted the macro-economic policies of the kindagarten.

But hey - it’s easier to lecture us like naughty children than talk about cancelling the debt of developing countries, or adopting fair-trade practices or stopping the environmental pillage of arable land to produce exported meat for fast food.

Another PR home goal if he was trying to shake off the gloomy Presbyterian bank manager persona. And by the way a look in the mirror should tell him that he could probably afford to lay off the pies a bit himself.

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