Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti - apparently Jesus hates black self-emancipation & anti-imperialism

Yes you heard that right from the mouth of former Republican candidate, TV evangelist and general bigoted fuck-wit Pat Robertson: God has punished Haiti with an earthquake because two hundred years ago they made a pact with the devil when fighting against French colonialism and slavery.

Apart from a seriously sick and fucked-up twist on divine vengeance and human suffering Robertson displays an unsurprising lack of historical knowledge around Toussaint L'Ouverture and his inspirational struggle for freedom: This was waged not as he seems to think against Napoleon III, but sixty years earlier against the distinctly 'un-godly' Jacobins of the French Republic. He's also a bit confused as to why Haiti and the Dominican Republic are two separate countries. (I suspect though he was trying to make some reference to Voodoo - but who knows ... or even cares). Cunt.

For a rather saner and more compassionate analysis of the tragic situation in Haiti, have a look at this piece over at Socialist World. Disasters such as this tend to be presented as being 'above politics' - but politics are at the heart of the suffering. I suggest you read the piece to understand the context - and then do something practical to help the situation by donating here.

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