Friday, 12 March 2010

'I've never voted Tory before ...'

The latest Tory poster campaign is obviously consistent with Dave-bloody-good-bloke Cameron's new take on the one nation Tory vision. 

A vision that the party is no longer just for big business and small minds. But it is a  fantastic home goal just like the scary air-bushed  Cameron-face campaign before it.

Actually the Tory campaign has precisely the opposite effect to that intended: By  identifying the groups they consider to be naturally outside their natural constituency they actually remind us of their traditional core values. And they do so in a way that is so crude it manages to be both comic and offensive. I bet the old gits at central office were so pleased with themselves for demonstrating how down with the masses they were ...

There's token working class bloke - you can tell he's working class because he's got overalls on and  doesn't have the smooth well polished cheeks of the terminally posh.

There's token yummy-mummy  middle class woman with her kids who have been transported from an Enid Blyton story.

And best of all there's token young trendy woman - she's a bit - you know - 'ethnic' but in a very safe non-ghetto non-Muslim sort of way.

Have some fun creating your own personal variant here.

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EddM said...

The Tories really make it too easy to take the piss out of their posters.