Friday, 16 April 2010

Broken bikes. Broken Britain.

I'm going to resist the temptation to comment on the 'historic' televised leaders' debate. Partly because I had better things to do last night than watch it - I was out training and so have only just seen some online 'highlights' - but also because my reaction to what I have seen is  simply 'no shit Sherlock'. 

All three leaders were clearly well briefed and rehearsed by their respective spin factories - so there were no gaffs like Nixon's five o'clock shadow or Bush senior looking a his watch. There was a broad consensus that the debate wasn't about whether to cut public services but how, when, and to what extent they should relish doing so. And the two main parties made it clear that they wanted to suck up to the Lib-Dems - hardly surprising given that we've been talking about hung parliaments for over a year. 

So. meanwhile in the real world: I am working out how to juggle my time to do some work for TUSC candidates here in London,  and fuming at my own experience  of broken Britain.

TWICE in a week my bikes have been damaged whilst they were parked. The damage was relatively minor and will probably cost only  £100 or so in parts, but with the  added inconvenience of hunting down the bits and then a couple of hours doing the repairs. On the second occasion I found my bike on its side having probably been knocked right over by a clumsy driver. It's not so much the damage, or the cost, or the hassle as the fact that whoever did it didn't even have the courtesy to pick the bike up, never mind leaving a note. Fuckers. 

The one time I damaged someone else's bike - knocking it over whilst stupidly starting mine in gear - I was mortified. I ended up paying out about £200 for replacement parts, an apology bottle of J-D for the owner and another thank-you bottle to my friends at the bike shop who took care of the repairs.

I'm not looking for praise - I think the majority of bikers would have done something similar - it's just when did everyone else become an arse-hole ?

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