Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wasting time is the best of times.

Sat at working contemplating the shit I have to shovel to make a living, and the depressing and increasingly likely prospect of a new Tory government -  I happened upon this clip on the excellent Quad Cam Bastards blog.

There's something beautiful about this clip - a group of friends, some cool bikes, bare essentials, just pratting about and enjoying life. Never did the boarding thing myself, but there's plenty of other equally stupid shit I could substitute - like playing chi-sau in the blazing sun in Ibiza.

In my little martial arts world we interpret Wing Chun as 'Forever Young' - simplicity, innocence, back to basics -  take it where you will. The older I get the more wisdom I see in this kind of goofiness.

MOB! from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

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