Friday, 3 September 2010

Troubled Tory boy

It's probably an indication of how un-'liberal' and unreconstructed the Con-Dem coalition really is that William Hague's reaction to being possibly outed was to retort that he is happily married and that his wife has suffered a number of mis-carriages.  It seems that he feels the need to defend the fact that, unlike  that lovely David and Samantha couple, his is not the head of a nuclear-family as prescribed by Tory Central Office. 

Hague has quite possibly had a whole number of  suppressed personal troubles over the years and I wouldn't want to belittle them or play into the hands of the bigoted mob-press... 

... but remembering the nauseating and precocious Thacherite 16 year old, the original Tory Boy with a picture of Maggie on his bedroom wall (by his own admission), I'd say that if anyone deserved to be relentlessly bullied at school it was Hague.

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