Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The dirty South

Despite Joe Strummer's best efforts to immortalise the Westway - songs about roads in this country lack the romance of tales of Route 66 and dusty lost highways. But the cold late night ride home from seeing the Drive By Truckers at the Shepherd's Bush Empire somehow felt like a very appropriate end to the evening.

Don't know why their Country Punk / Southern Grunge  - with its  peculiarly Southern-Gothic tales of whisky, feuds, domestic violence, shotguns, farms  and broken dreams- should ring so true; but it just does. And like  all the best Country music  it finds the extraordinary  in the ordinary and makes you feel that the song was written for you. It fucking rocks too.

This from Sunday's show  at the Shepherd's Bush Empire - not my own footage but fantastic stuff:

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