Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nice cop. Nasty cop. Lying bastard cops.

Of the 201 people arrested on Saturday's demo - 145 were from the distinctly fluffy UkUncut occupation at the discerning toff's favourite tax-dodging grocer Fortnum & Mason.

Have a look at the footage below and the exchanges between the softly-softly female chief inspector and the legal observor inside the store and contrast with the robo-cop from the TSG a short while later:

The nice inspector tells the protestors that they are going to be 'let go'  and that as they are 'non-violent and sensible',  that on leaving the store they will be taken to a safe area to avoid getting themselves caught up in some breaches of the peace so that they can then 'get away to the tube stations'.

What happens next is that the protestors are taken into a kettle manned by the likes of  robo-cop, where they are held, a few of them are smacked around a bit and then they are all individualy arrested -  and subsequently held at police stations for hours until charged on Sunday.

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