Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Worse than bankers ?

For many years plying my 'honest' trade in the print I thought that I had left my university years a thousand years behind me. Recently, as I have tried to change directions I have had to dig out qualification certificates - even some old essays -  and memories of it have come beck to haunt me. Then this morning thanks to the power of Facebook I saw this message: "Any management consultant alumni out there, please, who could offer some advice to a current student  who is applying for jobs at the moment? Please email XXXX XXX, Deputy Development Director" 

I was tempted to respond.To paraphrase the words of the great late Bill Hick directed at the next circle of corporate hell - marketing: "Kill yourself. Seriously you think I am joking. Kill yourself now. You are Satan's spawn"

Of all the disgusting spectacles that late capitalism throws out there can surely be none worse than that of a pimply pampered young grad eager to advise businesses how to 'downsize and synergize cost efficiencies'.

The equally late and equally great Douglas Adams postulated a future where the useless people - including management consultants - but also estate agents, personnel execs and telephone sanitizers -  were jettisoned from the planet to build a new world on a far away galactic colony. Maybe that's a more humane solution.

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