Monday, 26 August 2013

Goldman-Sachs' nauseating hypocrisy

 I went to the excellent Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum today. 

To my dismay the very first display board was from the sponsors, the leading one being Goldman-Sachs. They proudly announce:

 'We believe that exhibitions like this encourage and inspire the exchange of ideas and perspectives across generations, enriching the lives of many'.

This nauseating pomposity from the same people whose dodgy dealings in sub-prime mortgages in the USA precipitated the global economic crisis that is currently fucking up the lives of millions who live on this planet. So much for those perspectives across generations and the enrichment of the lives of many.

Fortunately I gritted my teeth and made it past the initial display. The exhibition was full of insight into the daily lives of ordinary Romans that would be otherwise unknown to us. And it did this in a way which also managed to be quite poignant and sensitive to the tragedy of their deaths. 

In fact it represented everything that the amoral corporate fuckers at Goldman Sachs aren't.

PS: I am already looking forward to the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum next year. Apparently it will be sponsored by BP. No doubt they will put up a board with some bollocks about their commitment to the preservation of  the world's heritage sites for future generations.

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