Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A working class hero is something to be.

Disgustingly but inevitably we see those who most loathed him,  now fawning over the memory of Bob Crow.  

Toff class warriors from the other side of the conflict like Boris.  Lounge bar bigots like Farage who are opportunistically trying to identify them. And of course the class war quislings like Miliband.

In truth they despised him. Intellectually they despised his politics because he was an apologetic and unreconstructed  Marxist. And emotionally they despised his equally unapologetic working class identity. Because he personified both things.

When they mocked the idea that a working man could earn a decent wage, albeit a fraction of a banker -  and live in a council house; or occasionally enjoy a decent meal at a fancy restaurant; or an exotic foreign holiday - they mocked all of us who refuse to know our place and doff our caps to our betters. 

He wasn't perfect. No leaders ever are. But Bob Crow stood like a giant amongst  the other minnows at the head of the labour movement.

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