Thursday, 13 November 2014

Strike !

This is the third day of me being on strike. One day last week - and now two days this week. 

Not national strikes with a day-out in central London and a few pints in the afternoon - but a proper local dispute against the school management and the local authority, complete  and some vicious national and local press coverage. And with all the fall-out and personalised bitterness that comes with it.

Not striking for pay or pensions or 'standing up for education' but over a really fundamental principle that employers do not get to chose who they negotiate with. Even bloody Boris accepted that he had to deal with Bob Crow. And what employer or manager  would not  like to negotiate with a representatitive who wasn't 'confrontational'?

Anyway - if you want the details of the case, it is well covered over here.

You'd think that after all these years I'd be immune to the lies of the press and the fuck-wittery that it produces in some people. Even so it still makes my blood boil to read some of the crap over at the Mail Online. Apparently it has come as complete revelation that such a thing as paid union facility even exists - or worse still - that unions sometimes pay strike pay. 


Anonymous said...

Worth thinking about university lecturers who strike. The head of the school - an eminent Marxist scholar and union member - demands that all staff intending to strike inform him as to which days they will be on strike so that admin can see that pay is docked. Many who strike will take advantage of the time off to catch up on essay marking. The head of school also insists that lectures and tutorials missed during strike action will have to be covered,and that cooperation will be required in re-organizing the time-table and allocation of rooms. Apart from that strikers can stand outside the gates and be photographed with union banners.

Dr Llareggub said...

Sorry - above comment was mine.