Sunday 30 August 2015


Since my last post, having followed the unfolding fiasco of the Labour leadership contest, I am not particularly surprised to reveal that it appears that I have been 'purged' from participating in the election as a supporter. I say 'it appears' because I have simply not been sent a ballot. In true Orwellian fashion no reason needs to be given and the decision cannot be appealed unless I go through the process of applying for full membership. It goes without saying that my £3 donation is non-refundable.

As I wrote  previously, voting in the ballot was never  a serious strategy to reclaim Labour - rather more  a cheeky  'a last throw of the dice' - but it has had a serious side effect: Whether or not Jeremy Corbyn is allowed to become leader by the Blair-ites, socialist 'values' have being embraced by swathes of  previously uninvolved young people and an older generation of ativists has been reinvigorated. In this respect the Left has already won. What happens next will be messy and complicated and I suspect will involve some false starts to start a new organisation to capture this mood - but things are not going to be the same.

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Dr Llareggub said...

Although I could not bring myself to join Labour, any more than I could join ISIS/Jihadist supporting Class War, I did manage to get three of my dogs in and they all voted for Corbyn. Goodbye Labour, I look forward to an emergence of a class based movement to replace it.