Saturday 19 March 2016

Ten years on and time for a rest.

It's now been about ten years since I started this blog

At the time the catalyst  was a twenty year university reunion. It is in the nature of such things that they prompt some stock-taking, and the blog was born out of that. Essentially I decided that a part of my brain was starting to atrophy and it was a way of turning that around. And it certainly helped do that. At some points when I was simultaneously stressed and bored out of my mind at work, I spent quite some time blogging.

Along with random rants and flights of intellectual curiosity,  the blog turned into something of a chronicle of my 40s. In the course of that decade, my mum died, I was made redundant, retrained,  started a new career, and even got married. But most of all I went through the cliche of a mid life crisis, and came out the other side

Today I came back from my thirty year university reunion.The stock-taking this  prompted led me to realise that I just don't find the need for either mental distraction or venting my spleen into cyberspace anymore. At the risk of sounding smug, life in the real world is now quite sufficient. 

As a result, blogging has become more of a duty than a pleasure. So I have decided to knock it on the head. For now at least.


Dr Llareggub said...

Sorry to hear that you are retiring the blog. I have enjoyed dropping by from time to time, not always agreeing but regarding your point of view with great respect. I am responding here with an old and rather stupid pseudonym which has earned me much hostility around the left. But it does not matter now for I think the battle is lost. I must have been following you for half of the blog's life and recall you entering the teaching profession. And being an educationalist myself followed your account of the career with interest. I am well past retirement age but have constantly changed my subjects, from German Philosophy,to Medical Ethics, to Philosophy of Science, To Animal Welfare, and after 15 years as a Cambridge Prof, and 10 as an adviser in the House of Lords, work for the UN in S.A. and now dividing my time between teaching Veterinary Surgeons in New Zealand and advising US politicians for 2016, whilst maintaining spare time activities in a kind of show biz life, I realize its all about staying alive in some way. Anyhow, thanks for stimulating me and I wish you well for whatever the future brings

ray said...

As you can see from this late comment, I only (like the good Doctor) drop in from time to time but this blog was one that I felt was a kindred spirit when I was blogging myself. Keep it all on line and have a look occasionally. You may be pleasantly surprised by the comments. Good luck for the future and thanks for the posts.

Bioneer: Tony C. Saladino said...

I too take solace in the fact that from time to time, people with good ideas choose to share them. I took a sabbatical after seven years. Helped maintain my sanity. Now, I'm near completion of a book about my passion, biochar.

Peace and may abundance find you wherever your path leads!
Tony C. Saladino