Friday, 13 October 2006

Backward Christian Soldiers

When I first heard that Gen Richard Dannat the head of the British army had spoken out against the occupation of Iraq as unsustainable, I welcomed an unlikely ally to the anti-war movement.

Then I read what he actually said:

“When I see the Islamist threat in this country I hope it doesn’t make undue progress because there is a moral and spiritual vacuum in this country. Our society has always been embedded in Christian values; once you have pulled the anchor up there is a danger that our society moves with the prevailing wind. There is an element of the moral compass spinning. I think it is up to society to realise that is the situation we are in. We can’t wish the Islamist challenge to our society away and I believe that the army both in Iraq and Afghanistan and probably wherever we go next, is fighting the foreign dimension of the challenge to our accepted way of life. We need to face up to the Islamist threat, to those who act in the name of Islam and in a perverted way try to impose Islam by force on societies that do not wish it. It is said that we live in a post Christian society. I think that is a great shame. The broader Judaic-Christian tradition has underpinned British society. It underpins the British army.”

The implication is that the army shouldn't be fighting a crusade abroad when there is a more pressing need to fight a crusade at home.

In otherwords, that the front line should be Bradford not Basra.

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