Wednesday, 4 October 2006

The War On Terror ?

This week is the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. Nowadays the BNP tries to position itself as a respectable electoral party with leader Nick Griffin as the concerned voice of Middle England. Their street fighting past is downplayed and the neo-nazis amongst them dismissed as embarrassing but harmless cranks.

But violence has never been taken off the Far Right agenda: The RedWatch site is an on-line picture library of activists who it calls upon to be identified and attacked as 'bolshevists and race traitors'.

I take this personally because, amongst the hundreds of photo's on the site, I can
find pictures of friends of mine, and somewhere in a background, even of myself . As always with the Far Right there is an element of farce in this: Most of the people on the site are actually harmless peace-activists not dangerous subversives.

The government is ignoring the campaign to take any action against RedWatch- looks like the war on terror may apply to 'Islamo-fascists' but not to traditional plain-old fascists.

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