Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Dawkins v God (Dawkins wins)

I've ranted enough about religion on this blog, so I am not going to add any comments to these links from YouTube:

• Richard Dawkins' lecture in the USA on 'The God Delusion'

• The question and answer session afterwards.
Just bear in mind that Liberty University is an evangelical Christian institution that will not teach evolution.


PS: By way of balance I feel it only fair to include a view from the other side; this well-reasoned quote is taken from the comments section of the YouTube site:

"This man is so dumb, I wonder how he got to be that old. If he took the time to read the bible it would be obvious to him that it's all true. Science hasn't taught us anything, yet God teaches us everything. At least I take comfort in the fact that this guy will burn eternally in hell."
* I have corrected the spelling and grammar in this quote - it seems unfair to ridicule the hard-of-thinking more than necessary.

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