Friday, 13 April 2007

Blair says it's a black thing.

Blair has been lecturing black community leaders on how they need to sort out a youth culture of violence that has led to some tragic and highly publicised fatal stabbings in London this month.

What the fuck ? Does he really think that the black community hasn't noticed these deaths ? Did he miss the demonstrations in London after the killings ?

Blair may like to think that he knows all about multi-cultural North London because he has a home in Islington. Truth is he is one postcode but a million miles away from the inner city part of North London where I live. In my area the large black community can hardly miss the yellow police incident borders that are a permanent fixture on our streets. Not so I imagine in Tony's Cannonbury Square.

Blair speaks as if gangsta-culture is the only voice heard in the the black community. If he took a bit more time to get to know what was happening on his door step, he would know that there is a very conservative part of Caribbean culture that promotes church and family values that would not be out of place in the US religious Right.

The fundamental problem is not race or culture, it is POVERTY.

ALL kids now experience a video-game culture of instant violence without consequences. White kids in Ali-G fashion aspire to the gangsta style. But none of this addresses the real question - a map of the most violent areas of Britain coincides with that of the poorest areas.

Perhaps the best example is (overwhelmingly white but poor) Glasgow - murder capital of Europe with what police have called an epidemic of youth stabbings.

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