Friday, 27 April 2007

Kids don't need a nanny-state.

Some puritan busy-bodies at Alcohol Concern have decided that our licensing laws do not go far enough, and that to protect children, it should be made possible to prosecute parents for serving children alcohol in their own homes.

What the fuck is the matter with these people?

There are plenty of shocking problems that face children. A recent report, based on various health, economic and educational indices, showed that the UK was the worst country in which to be a child in Western Europe.

My own borough is London is apparently the third worst place to be a child in the UK.

Here are some random stats from the Child Poverty Action Group:
• In 2006 12.7 million people were defined as 'income poor' (less than 60% of median income after housing costs).
• 49% of single parent households are income poor.
• 8% of single-parent families could not afford to eat vegetables most days.
• 60% of children who receive free school meals fail to obtain 5 or more GCSE grades at A to C.
• Children in the lowest socio-economic class are 5 times more likely than other children to die in an accident and 15 times more likely to die in a fire.

THIS is a scandal in a supposedly advanced western country.

Me introducing my own kids to responsible drinking with the occasional sip ISN'T.

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