Thursday, 24 January 2008

Judged by the company you keep ?

This is delicious.

I can't count the number of times that a legitimate protest has been undermined by the police and the media.

Demonstrations are portrayed as an excuse for 'rent-a-mob' and other assorted malcontents to block the streets at great inconvenience, expense and even danger to the general public. (The general public by the way are obviously a completely separate body of people who NEVER want to demonstrate about anything.)

Yesterday we were inconvenienced here in the capital by the police pay demonstration. I believe that the demonstration passed off peacefully - but this was despite the presence of a hardcore of troublemakers.

The bloke circled in the picture is none other than Richard Barnbrook - the BNP's mayoral candidate for London. He represents the 'acceptable metropolitan' face of the fascists; he is a sculptor and film director, and his partner is the fascist ballerina who caused such a stir a few years ago. So what the FUCK was he doing on the march and why was his presence tolerated ?

Ironically I can remember a few years ago a group of us tried to kick the fascists off a Remembrance Day parade - and were violently prevented from doing by - you've guessed it - the police. Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why no one is capitalizing on this - why isn't someone from CND halving the number of demostrators announced by the organizers? Why isn't someone saying that `there was a hard core of trouble-makers intent on damaging PRIVATE PROPERTY'? Why were there lengthy reports on the news, when huge marches I've been on hardly got a mention? And why didn't all the printers, miners, socialists, anarchists and assorted others who have encountered police `crowd control' skills come and `police' the demo? That I would have loved to have seen.