Wednesday, 10 September 2008

In search of space

If you’re reading this then I suppose we can safely assume that we are now not a Black Hole and that life as we know it is continuing after the Hadron Collider was switched on.

Without pretending to understand the physics there is something undeniably exciting about it all - a misspent youth listening to too much Hawkwind is probably a factor in this.

But there also mixed feelings:

I want to celebrate the pushing back of frontiers of human knowledge. I’m really hoping that all those religious mentalists will wake up to the fact that the spark of life is not a old Jewish bloke with a long beard but a particle called a Higgs Bosun so tiny that it’s theoretical.

But I know that sadly mental-ism is notorious resilient to contrary evidence. And as I contemplate the wonders and mysteries of the cosmos, I find my mind wandering and trying to figure out why the starter motor on my bike was sticking this morning …

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