Friday, 28 November 2008

Misplaced sentimentality

My first ever pair of trainers were ‘Winfields’ – Woolworths’ own brand – and at primary school I think I was decked out in ‘Ladybird’ clothing. Some of the first LP’s I brought also came from Woolies.

But I do not share the emotional outpourings over the demise of the high street chain this week, just as it was about to approach it’s centenary.

From all the sentimental shit being spoken at the moment you would think we were mourning a cherished institution that had enriched our lives – something along the lines of the NHS. But when FW Woolworth imported his stores to this country from the US he had no more noble a mission than that of selling cheap crap for the masses. Doubtless in the process many independent family corner shops were driven out of business.

Sounds familiar ?

It’s like our grandchildren getting upset about the collapse of Tesco, McDonalds, Starbucks or whatever other corporate empire eventually bites the dust in the future. And one of them inevitably will – such is the capitalist circle of life.


Leftwing Criminologist said...

I do think we ought to be concerned about the 30,000 people who are going to lose their jobs. From the experience of my workplace its something that other shopworkers do not want to be experiencing

journeyman said...

Fair comment - solidarity with the shop workers. My point however was to avoid the emotional outpourings that seem to regard brands as a national treasure - a bit like the queen mum.