Friday, 20 February 2009

Nazi nostalgia

Depressing but maybe not altogether surprising news that the BNP have won a council seat in Swanley in Kent – one of the working class ‘white-flight’ bastions that the fascists target these days.

On a more cheerful note though:

Dame Vera Lynn (she wot won the war for us and all that) has threatened to take legal action against the BNP over the use of her ‘The White Cliffs Of Dover’ on a fund raising album they have produced. Clearly she does share their politics – nor I imagine do the Black or Jewish artists also featured on the compilation.

With typical charm a BNP spokesman had responded:
"She can complain but it is not going to do her any good. We have to raise money for the European election campaign and this is selling very well - a lot of our members like reminiscing about the Second World War. I really don't see why we should take it down, but if she wants to provide us with a really good reason rather than a legal threat we might consider it."

How about this for a reason: When these Nazi fuckwits are reminiscing I wonder if it occurs to them that they were on the OTHER side ?

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