Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Winter wonderland

A few inches of the white stuff and its the best of times and the worst of times.

A deserted West End. Usually stone-faced commuters talking to each other. Sliding down the middle of empty streets usually packed with traffic. Outside Ronnie Scotts someone made a snowman - complete with a fag in his mouth and a bottle of beer in his hand. And my own favorite sight - two Hari Krishna devotees in Soho Square having a snowball fight in their saffron robes.

On the other hand: On the tube incomprehensible messages of delays and cancellations mumbled through the tannoys and the surly fuck-wit LU platform guy telling passengers to look at a map when they asked for advice about alternative routes . No buses (at all!) and no joined-up thinking between the bus companies, TFL and the local authorities.

Or more seriously when one of our guys collapsed with a suspected stroke at work - the ambulance service after an half hour wait phoning back to tell us to get a cab for him.

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