Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Another bullying bastard in uniform

Picture taken just before the footage everyone has seen on the BBC: Tiny woman armed with orange juice carton threatens giant angry cop who responds with 'proportionate force' by swatting her with a back-hander and then bringing her to the ground with a steel baton to the legs.

There's a sweet irony that the all-invasive use of CCTV and cameras that has turned us into a surveillance state is now being used to expose police brutality.Which is no doubt why this cunt has obviously tried to hide the numbers on his epaulets to escape identification. Happily it didn't work and he's now been suspended.

Anything less than a conviction for GBH would be a whitewash - let's hope for a custodial sentence I imagine he'd be in for an interesting time inside.

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Anonymous said...

I work with a film company and we've just found some extremely ironic footage of Jack Straw on the cutting room floor. It's currently being edited but I think it would be perfect for your readers. Is there an email address that I can use to send it to you?
Thank you!
Best wishes,