Thursday, 9 April 2009

Kettling & Ian Tomlinson

I was going to post the link to the Guardian's video footage showing the attack on Ian Tomlinson by the police that led to his death at the G20 protest. But I didn't - because I can't really think that there is anyone who still hasn't see it - and I now see that the ICC have got the Guardian to take it down in case it 'jeopardizes their inquiry'.

Instead have a look at this online debate - taken from the UK Police forum.

Imagine just for a moment that it was one of their own who had died in similar circumstances. And then think about the arguments being advanced by the coppers to explain/justify/defend the police role at the G20: 'Provocation', 'reasonable force', 'shouldn't have been there' 'brought upon by his own actions', even simply 'blame shared by all' or 'tragic accident'.

Blah-fucking-blah - if a copper had died on a demo after being pushed to the floor by protesters there would be a national witch-hunt as there was after the killing of PC Blakelock at Broadwater Farm.

I'm not calling for the framing of some random policemen to satisfy the public outrage - although of course that is precisely what happened after Broadwater Farm. But at the very least this must immediately lead to the end of the police practice of 'kettling' protests - it is an affront to civil liberties and tragically it was only a matter of time before someone died.

(By the way have a look at the picture again - see what's on the back of the jacket of the copper with his arm raised... maybe he's just trying to revive someone vigorously ...)

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