Monday, 9 May 2011

I just can't help hating the LibDems

I have to confess to a not-entirely-irrational hatred of Liberal Democrats. Despite boycotting the AV referendum myself I can't help but take  pleasure from the shit they undoubtedly now find themselves in. There's dangers in this of course - it's a distraction from the real bastards in the organ grinder / monkey coalition - and getting sucked into the nuances of the inner workings of that can come close to a kind of 'parliamnetary cretenism'. 

Nonetheless I'm still rejoicing at the LibDems discomfort - maybe it's a local thing. My area was one of  the very few in the country to show a majority for AV. 

There's an invisible Berlin Wall that bisects my home borough of Haringey: To the west angst-ridden middle classes and a LibDem MP  - and to the east a poverty-stricken ethnically-diverse working class seemingly stuck with a Labour MP presumably until the dwindling turnout reduces to nothing.   In reality these  chattering classes to the west have the same politics and NIMBY-ism of any old-fashioned Tory from the shires - but they read the Guardian instead of the Telegraph, and derive their over-valued incomes from the media and the arts rather than anything as vulgar as business. Maybe they were daringly left-wing in their student days - now they can salve their consciences that they haven't altogether sold out to the Right by being 'progressive and liberal'. Are they're genuine in this or is it just sanctimonious hypocrisy that stops them from being proper Tories?  Who cares? 

If they ever were 'progressive' they must be feeling pretty shitty these days in having facilitated this vicious austerity government coming to power. So now they're lobbying to save their precious arts funding or their particular local services - which apparently unlike everyone elses' are especially precious. The one lifeline of self-justification they could cling on to was that they were securing some democratic reform that might just be worth the price that the rest of us were having to pay. Now that's blown up in their face and we are facing the possible political death of the LibDems for another generation. 

Good. Wankers. Next...

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