Monday, 16 May 2011

The new class warriors.

So Toby-fucking-Young (as he is not so affectionately known in my house) could only summon up three hundred or so of his mates from Notting Hill for the laughable 'March against debt'. Good riddance. Although it's tempting to wish for some unattributable disaster that would not have backfired on the perpetrators  to have wiped out this bunch of wankers - a damp squib is probably their best epitaph.  

This  mob who have misappropriated the label 'libertarian'  are  the same chinless wonders of the Federation of Confederation Students in the 1980's  - only now they've grown balder, fatter and more be-mortgaged. Back then they wanted to legalise heroin and hang Nelson Mandela as a terrorist - now they say the world capitalist crisis is the result of a feckless and greedy working class grown flabby on the welfare state. They thrive on the shock value of supposedly saying the unsay able - so for once I'm inclined to agree that ignoring them is the best way of attacking them.

But - their cer-wazy ideas do actually have a little more traction amongst a constituency within the middle classes with a smug consensus that 'something needs to be done about debt' and that cuts are necessary. Until of course their children's drama group is  closed down or their parks and libraries shut and sold off. Most of all these people believe that society has become infected with the poison of debt and greed. 

However, this supposed infection only applies to the materialistic white-van-man who has a mortgage for his home on a new-build estate, or maybe a loan for a car or a holiday. And of course those unemployed and unwashed who are actually dependent upon state benefits  are even worse  and have completely lost their moral compass. It's obviously a completely different matter  if you have to borrow money to buy up and renovate  a period home in a decaying urban area that is on the up. Or  if you take out a loan to finance a sabbatical year whilst you give up work so that you can start that little  bijou-business that you wanted all along before you ever got on the corporate ladder ... Cunts.

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